About my C.V.

"je pense donc je suis"

René Descartes

The famous quote by Descartes above says:

"I think, therefore I am"; 

I'd humbly add: "I act, therefore I'm alive"

I'm a clinical radiology scientist, researcher, educational consultant and academic among many other things.

Feel free to check my résumé below. Should you find an interesting potential, feel free to visit the contact  page for further details.

Kindest regards, 
Wafa Abutaleb

Sky gliding (aircrafting) in Cambridgeshire, UK-2013


Research: Neurology, MRI, microbubble ultrasound, cerebrovascular imaging, teleradiography, fusion technology, cross modalities comparisons

Consulting: academic and medical radiology firms

Business: entrepreneur partnership mainly in the field of health and radiology
Current main appointments
  • PhD candidate
Title: Using dynamic contrast enhanced magnatic resonance imaging (MRI) and dynamic microbubble enhanced ultrasound for detecting Neovascularisation in Carotid Atherosclerosis
Supervisor: Professor Jonathan H Gillard
Institute: Department of Radiology-School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge; Cambridge-UK
  • Research associate & PhD student, Honorary contract with the NHS Foundation Trust in Radiology – Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals; Cambridge-UK.
  • Educational consultant: mainly tutoring master and undergraduate students and seminars and symposiums delivery
  • Industrial consultant: Medical equipment consultant, freelance work for international companies
Academic qualifications
PhD in Radiology, School of Clinical medicine, University of Cambridge, Cambridge- UK (on-going)
MSc in Diagnostic Imaging – University of Oxford, Oxford- UK
BSc in Radiology Sciences– A. Medical Sciences- King Saud University, Riyadh- KSA
Research Passport, as a PhD student and Research Associate by "National Health System"- UK
CT and MRI Technology Specialist by "Saudi Council for Health Specialties"- KSA
Dialogue instructor by "King Abdulaziz Centre for National Dialogue"- KSA
Main research training (during the PhD)

  • The Valid Informed Consent in Research; topic covered: Research Consent overview/historical background, principles and processes to support effective consent, issues in Capacity. NHS, West Anglia-UK
  • Good Clinical Practice and Regulatory Requirements for Clinical Trials: main course and  revision sessions, knowledge test at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
  • Planning and Managing a Research Project at Graduate Development, University of Cambridge
  • Good Clinical Practice and Regulatory Requirements for Clinical Trials at Addenbrooke’s Hospital,  Cambridge
  • Solving biological proplems with R
  • Centre of Applied Medical Statistics “Introductory Statistics” Courses:
       1. Introductory Statistics and Research Methods
       2. Observational Studies
       3. Getting started with SPSS
       4. Clinical Trials
       5. Statistics for Medical Journals
       6. Non-Parametric Methods
       7. Critical Appraisal
       8. Meta-Analysis 

Professional experience
Clinical radiology (mainly MRI):

2010-present   Honorary contract with Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University hospitals, NHS foundation, as a Research associate, mainly to carry out research responsibilities including patients interviewing, ultrasound and MRI scans and histology processing

2010-present   Entrepreneur consultant: freelance work for international companies mainly in medical imaging devices distribution

2009                    Researcher in the Biomedical Physics department, KFSHRC-Riyadh

2008                    MRI specialist - KFSHRC

Undergraduate training, placements and voluntary posts: 
1 year      Saudi Career Development Program member for MRI, Radiology, KFSHRC-Riyadh

1 year      Internship program (nine rotations in the different radiological sections and three month special training in MRI) – King Saud University

8 weeks   Nuclear Medicine, volunteer technologist- KFSHRC

9 weeks   Computer tomography and ultrasound volunteer technologist- King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh

8 weeks  Conventional Radiology volunteer trainee- Dr Suleiman Al-Habib Medical Centre, Riyadh

Teaching and IT experience:

2014-2015          Freelance educational consultant, mainly supervised undergraduate final year projects in radiology, PhD Tutors, London-UK

2013-2014          Supervor for undergraduate students: Medical exams revision sessions for medical science students (part IA, IB and II of the Cambridge undergraduate programme), Christ’s College, University of Cambridge-UK

2013-2014          Admission interview exam invigilation for business and law applicants, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge

2012-2014          Final exams invigilator for undergraduate students, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge

2007-2008          Super user and instructor at the three-dimensional imaging lab, Advantage workstation by GE - Radiology, KFSHRC

2007-2008          PACS super-user, to deal with the MRI section’s IT management of PACS- KFSHRC
Research publications inc. abstracts: (Over 10 contributions toward Radiology and Education)
2016:      “Automatic segmentation of magnetic resonance depicted carotid arterial boundary based on local priors and constrained global optimization”,  Jianhua Zhanga, Wafa Abutaleb et al. Submitted to IEEE transactions on medical imaging

2015:     “Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI kinetic modelling analysis of carotid plaque neovascularisation is moderately correlated with quantitative enhancement intensity by ultrasound contrast harmony imaging”, Wafa Abutaleb et al. abstract accepted and presented at the European Congress of Radiology ECR2015

2014:      “Women Between The Arabian Peninsula And The British Island Top Universities: Observation of Women's Experience In The Last Century”, Wafa Abutaleb. Paper presented and published in International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED 2014) proceedings, Valencia-Spain
2014:       “Teleradiography Implementation in Developing Countries: Saudi Arabian Teaching Hospital's Radiology Departments Experience”, Wafa Abutaleb. Paper presented and published in INTED 2014 proceedings, Valencia-Spain

2014:        “Correlation between Perfusion Micro-Bubble Ultrasound and Perfusion Contrast Enhanced MRI for Carotid Plaque Neovascularization”, Wafa Abutaleb et al. European Congress of Radiology (ECR) Electronic Presentation Online System. Url:   http://posterng.netkey.at/esr/viewing/index.php?module=viewing_poster&pi=122462  

2014:       “Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI and bubble ultrasound of neovascularisation in carotid plaque”, Wafa Abutaleb et al. Presented abstract for the 7th Saudi Students Conference held at the  University of Edinburgh-UK

2014:        “Characterisation of Carotid Plaque Neovascularisation”, Wafa Abutaleb et al. Presented abstract at the International Conference of Radiology in Medicine (ICRM).

2013:       “Imaging neovascularisation in carotid plaque for stroke prevention”. Wafa Abutaleb et al. Abstract presented at the School of Clinical Medicine Research Day, University of Cambridge

2013:        “Characterisation of Neovascularization in Carotid plaque”, Wafa Abutaleb et al. European Commission of Radiology (ECR) Electronic Presentation Online System proceedings.    Url:  http://posterng.netkey.at/esr/viewing/index.php?module=viewing_poster&pi=118161

2013:         “A Journey from Women Scientists Only Campus University System into Ox-bridge Universities of Collegiate System”, Wafa Abutaleb. Paper Published in INTED2013 proceedings, presented in INTED2013 Conference, Valencia-Spain

2012:        “Neovascularisation in carotid plaque: from development to stroke, why not measure it before it is too late?”,Wafa Abutaleb et al. Abstract presented in ENDOVASCOLOGY 2012, Shanghai, P.R.China

2012:        “When Your Brain Needs More Blood: Detecting the Formation of Harmful New Blood Vessels around Carotid Artery Blockages”, Wafa Abutaleb et al. Presented at Christ’s College Emerging Seminar Series, University of Cambridge

2009:        “Picture Archiving and Communication System Implementation in Radiology Department- Radiology Staff Acceptance of PACS in Saudi Arabian Hospitals”.  MSc thesis, University of Oxford-UK

2003:       “Applying of Radiation Protection Systems in Radiotherapy Department at a Saudi Arabian Hospital”, Wafa Abutaleb, Abdullah Alhowaimel, Radiological Sciences Dept. KSU.-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scholarships, awards and grants: (Over 15 for contributions toward Radiology and Education; and for academic merit)

2015:         ECR rising stars student award: the best-presented abstract

2015:         ECR rising stars student award: one of the best 15 submitted abstract

2015:         Reuben Levy Travel Fund Christ’s College Graduate Students Award for the ECR2015 presentation in Vienna-Austria

2014:          Emily and Gordon Bottomley Christ’s College Graduate Students Award for the INTED presentations in Valencia-Spain

2013:          Awarded (twice) by the Saudi cultural Bureau for academic distinction for the academic year. 

2013:          Ranked the best educational contribution in the Electronic Presentation Online System for the ECR2013 presentation rated by reviewers in ECR 2013, Vienna-Austria

2013:          Reuben Levy Travel Fund Christ’s College Graduate Students Award for the ECR2013 presentation in Vienna-Austria

2013:          Emily and Gordon Bottomley Christ’s College Graduate Students Award for the INTED presentations in Valencia-Spain

2012:          Reuben Levy Travel Fund Christ’s College Graduate Students Award for the Endovasculogy presentation in Shanghai-China

2012:          Emily and Gordon Bottomley Christ’s College Graduate Students Award for the RSNA conference, Chicago-USA

2012:          Awarded (twice) by the Saudi culteral Bureaue for academic distinction for the academic year. 

2011:          British Society of Neuroradiology (BSNR) Isherwood Award for the PhD project, applied by a colleague Dr V Young.

2011:          Bracco research travel grant to AVAR meeting

2010:          King Abdullah Scholarship for PhD program- Ministry of High Education, KSA

2008:          The Custodian of the two holy mosques three years scholarship, for graduate studies- Ministry of High Education, KSA
National and international conferences, workshops and academic visits: (Over 50 participation mainly in Radiology and Education)

Mar 2016:             Attendance of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Vienna- Austria.
Feb 2016:             Attendance of Saudi Scholars Conference (SSC), Birmingham 
May 2015:             Attendance and presentation at the “Your PhD in three minutes” meeting.
                                  Held by the Saudi Scientific Association at the University of Edinburgh
4-8 Mar 2015:      Attendance and presentation of an abstract at ECR, Vienna- Austria.
9-12 Oct 2014:     Attendance and participation for the Isherwood award winner in BSNR, Belfast-UK
March 2014:          Attendance and presentation of 2 papers at INTED, Valencia- Spain
March 2014:          Attendance and presentation of an abstract at ECR, Vienna- Austria
Feb 2014:               Attendance and presentation of an abstract at the International Conference
                                   of Radiology Medicine, Riyadh- KSA
Nov 2013:              Participating at the 3rd Munich Aortic and Carotid Conference (MAC),
                                  Munich- Germany
Mar 2013:              Attendance and presentation of an abstract at ECR, Vienna- Austria
Feb 2013:              Attendance and presentation of a paper at INTED, Valencia- Spain
Nov. 2012:             Attendance and presentation of an abstract at ERSS 2012,
                                   Michaelmas term 2012 Christ’s college, University of Cambridge, UK.
Oct. 2012:              Attendance and presentation of an abstract at Endovascology 2012 conference,
                                   Shanghai, China.
June 2012:             Invitation to share experience in using contrast enhanced ultrasound for carotid
                                   plaque evaluation with department of medical ultrasound, Tongji Hospital, Tonji
                                   Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology- Wuhan, China
June 2012:             Invitation to visit the Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone in order to discuss
                                  further development of China-UK life Science Park- Chongqing, China.
23 Mar 2012:       Attendance of the Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound in Endovascular Aneurism  
                                  Repair 3rd meeting-Munich, Germany
1-5 Mar 2012:      Attendance of ECR, Vienna- Austria.
Nov 2011:             Attendance of Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), Chicago-United States
22-25 June ‘11:   Attendance of Microbubble Ultrasound Imaging Course, Imperial College London
April 2011:            Attendance of MATLAB introductory course, University of Bath.
Jan 2011:               Attendance of “Keeping you safe and healthy” seminar,
                                  University of Cambridge, UK
Nov 2011:             Attendance of Principle of light Microscopy and Imaging,
                                  University of Cambridge, UK
Aug 2011:             Participation in “Writing Summer School”, University of Cambridge, UK
May 2010:            Attendance of MRI safety, Wolfson Brain Imaging, University of Cambridge, UK
June 2010:           “Teaching and Supervising small groups”, by Graduate Development,
                                  University of Cambridge, UK
Aug-Sep 2008:    Pre-seasonal English for Academic Purposes – University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Apr. 2008:             Current and Future Sciences in Radiation Medicine Symposium, 16th ICMP 2008;
                                  Dubai-United Arab Emirates
Jan. 2008:             Work Ethics, held by the Institute of Public Administration (IPA)- Riyadh, KSA
Jan. 2008:             19 Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours credit by the Saudi Council for
                                 Health Specialties (SCHS) hours in "Advances in Diagnostic and Interventional 
                                 Radiology Symposium" held by academic & training affairs, KFSHRC-Riyadh- KSA
Aug 2007:            Oracle Application Course 1 held by ITA in KFSHRC, Riyadh- KSA
Apr 2007:             30 hours of CME in 3rd RSSA (Radiology Society of Saudi Arabia)
                                 Annual conference held in Jeddah, KSA
Mar 2007:            Stress Management Course, held in KFSHRC, Riyadh-KSA
Mar 2007:            Communication Skills Course provided by KFSHRC, Riyadh-KSA
Nov 2005:            Basic Life Support Provider Program, sponsored by KFSHRC in affiliation with
                                 Saudi Heart Association / American Heart Association; 4 CME credits
Mar 2005:            12 CME credit hours in 1st Gulf Nuclear Medicine Conference, AACME certified;
                                 held in KFSHRC, Riyadh-KSA
Feb 2005:             Digital Radiography Part II, KFSHRC-post graduate centre (1 hr category "A"
                                 ECE credits)                                                           
Des2004:              The 1st annual AIDZ workshop, provided by KFSHRC (5 CME credit hrs by SCHS,
                                 4.25 hrs AACME, category I)
Sep 2004:            Intensive Course on MRI, SAMT-Riyadh-KSA (13 hrs CME)
May 2004:           Digital Mammography 2004 Seminar
May 2004:           Converting to New Technology of Digital Radiography I,
                                KFSHRC-post graduate centre
Jun-Jul 2004:      Attendance of Combined Breast Clinic seminars as a trainee in the radiology
Societies, Commitments and Memberships: (member of over 15 volunteerily bodies/ societies, and a committee member of over 6 societies)

A-      Medical memberships
2014-present:       Member of the European Society of Radiology (ESR).
2014-present:       Member of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine (ISMRM)
                                    international society
2011-present:       Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology
2010-present:       Member on Training of Radiology Society of North America (RSNA)
2010-present:       Member of Christ’s College’s Medical Society
2005-present:       Factor Member of Saudi Cancer Society- KSA
B-      Committee memberships
2014-2015:         Vice Chairwomen for the Saudi Students Club- Cambridgeshire- UK
2013-2014:         Physics Society Committee’s General Committee Member,
                                University of Cambridge-Cambridge- UK
2012-2013:        Physics Society Committee’s General Committee Member,
                                University of Cambridge-Cambridge- UK
2012-2013:        Women officer for the Saudi Students Club, Cambridge- UK
2011-2012:        Vice President for Saudi Students Clubs, Cambridge- UK
2012-2013:        Graduate Students External Officer, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge,
C-       Other
Present:             Member of Cambridge University Riding Society - University of Cambridge,
                              Cambridge, UK
Present:             Member of Caving Society - University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
2008-9:              Member of Bujinkan Martial Arts Club - University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
2008-9:               Member of Middle Eastern Dance Group- University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Other key social and educational organising activities: (main organiser for siminars and international visitors)

2014/2015:    Main organizer of various social and educational activities and workshops for the
                           Saudi Students Club in Cambridgeshire.

Jan 2015:       Main organizer of international multidisciplinary medical seminars in the Al-Habib
                          Medical Centre, Riyadh- KSA

Jan 2015:       Main organizer of international vascular imaging seminar in KFSHRC-Riyadh, KSA

Dec 2014       Main organizer of international Carotid Artery Plaque Imaging seminar in
                          King Khalid university Hospital- Riyadh, KSA

2012/2013:    Main organizer (as women affairs officer for the Saudi student’s club) of a series of
                           soft skills workshops including: use of endnote, collecting and writing a literature
                           review, presentation skills and interfaith communication.

2011/2012:    Main organizer of various social and educational activities and workshops for women
                           in the Saudi Students Club in Cambridgeshire.

Research; improving the clinical and pre-clinical use of medical imaging technology; consulting; social service; challenging and motivating tasks

Extracurricular activities
Reading; writing; painting; reciting the Quraan, SRT caving; scuba diving; sky diving; horse back riding, singing and dancing

Communication and IT skills
Languages: Arabic (Native); English (Fluent); French and German (beginner)
IT skills: Microsoft™ Office applications, MATLAB™, SPSS, CHI imaging software by Toshiba™, OsiriX application, Advantage Window Workstation by GE™, NanoZoomer Digital Pathology software by Hamamatsu™

And finally, some highlighted skills:
  • Experience in clinical imaging research, from ethics application to presenting results in international relevant conferences. That included as well organizing and planning and managing the research activate

  • Good background in various medical imaging tools 

  • MRI and Ultrasound image processing using relevant programs
  • Dynamic enhancement image processing using different tools, such as: Matlab for MRI and Toshiba Contrast Harmony Imaging software for microbubble ultrasound

  • Pathology processing using microscopy and advanced software for carotid plaques characterisation

  • Good presentation skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Experience in organizing of meetings, workshops and symposium, including sponsorship applications

  • Teaching, tutoring and coaching students

  • Good social and networking skills